Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year...New Focus

Happppy Neewwww Yeaaaaarrr :-D

So we've finally made it to the new year. 2012 was rough for me and countless others. I witnessed so much pain but a lot of growth as well. Yet, here we are ready to start anew. We who have lived to see this day have the opportunity to do it all over again. Hopefully we'll get it right this time :-)

My landscape hasn't changed much as far as love is concerned. I am still single. But there is a difference in how I view being single. In this life I've been gifted with a certain something that always draws men in. Some good, some not so good. Suitors are never lacking. But I digress. The realization I have come to is that none of us can have a healthy, long lasting or strong relationship without self development. So often we view self development as having a career and improving our quality of life. This is not the case. Self development is character development. To get where I desire in love I must continue to cultivate compassion, empathy, and selflessness within. I must rid myself of shallow preconceived notions which do nothing but limit me. And I have to stop being stuck in what I think love should look/feel like and embrace its fluidity.

Men will continue to come and perhaps I will indulge one or two, but that will take a back seat to the highly important task of developing my character.

As for me my loves, I have grown tired of writing solely about dating and relationships. There is so much more to me than that. I am a dynamic individual with a range of interests and opinions that I want to showcase. Therefore, I have created a new platform called the dream girl blog in which I will write about any topic that tickles my fancy. NSPW has been a cathartic and fulfilling journey. It has provided me with a way to share my innermost longing for a healthy union. I sincerely thank anyone reading for supporting me through this journey. I appreciate you. I will continue to write about love on the dream girl blog but will also share my views on other facets of life. So this is my farewell post. With this new year comes a new focus and a new platform, please join me :-)

*Waves goodbye with a big grin on my face* Hope to see you on the new blog :-D


Mark said...

Hey sis, I understand the change. Bout to check the new blog. Keep it up!

Dream said...

Thanks Mark!