Monday, December 17, 2012

Love & Tragedy in Newton, Connecticut

Associated Press

The perpetual and harrowing acts of senseless violence in this country sadden me deeply. To turn on the television and see that children have been murdered by a crazed gunman is heart-wrenching. How could anyone hurt, let alone murder the purest form of humanity, our children? I can not comprehend it. All I know is that it hurts me to my core that this is our (American) reality.

I find myself thinking of love in very limiting ways. Focusing solely on the romantic love shared by a man and a woman. But atrocities such as the one in Newton, Connecticut encourage me to have an all encompassing view of love. To focus on the love I share with friends, family, and even pets. Love can be taken from you in a flash, why not appreciate it and treasure it. If you are single like me begin to revel in the love that surrounds you right this moment instead of longing for the love you wish to have. It's coming. In the meantime love and be loved.

God Cover Us All...

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