Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Letter To My (Future) Husband... I'm Ready

Hey Baby Cakes,

Words can't even describe how ready I am for you, for your essence, for your spirit, for your presence.

To prepare for you I'm working on my communication skills. Ensuring that in moments of anger I won't attack you.

To prepare for you I am working on subduing my fear of intimacy. Accepting that conflict will inevitably occur in love & there's absolutely no escaping it.

To prepare for you I keep a written account of all the ways I want to indulge in you sexually. Oh, how I look forward to that...

To prepare for you I pray & meditate in order to center myself. So that you may enjoy an emotionally settled woman and nothing less.

God, am I ready for you...

Praying that my love reaches you wherever you are,


P.S. I can't wait to kiss your face ;-)

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

This Will Fix Your Love Life!!!

Sometimes I talk to myself... Lol, sounds crazy I'm sure. But what I mean is sometimes when I'm pondering life I'll speak to my spirit self and listen in hopes of obtaining the truth.

Throughout my dating life I've had a number of failed relations but I don't consider myself blameless or a victim. In each one of those experiences I was partly responsible for its demise.

The other day as I contemplated these misses I asked the Creator (who is within me). What can I do moving forward to be better & do better in my relationships??? Immediately I received the inaudible response "Selfless Love". So there we have it, the one who knows me better than I know myself encourages me to love from a place of selflessness and I intend to do so.

I will no longer love from a self-centered view but will put aside thoughts of myself, my needs, and my expectations. Yes this will be extremely trying, but if I must transcend myself (my self imposed hang ups & limitations) in order to gain pure be it.

Ask your spirit what u can do to be better at love & listen for its response...

Remember Your Love is Closer Than You Can Imagine!

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