Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I'm In Love...

I’m in love…but it’s not the kind of love we see on T.V. 
He doesn’t bring me flowers or shower me with gifts. He doesn’t pour his heart out to me on a regular basis. He doesn’t say “I love you” often but when he does I KNOW he means it.

For months I have been fighting this feeling. This is not what I thought love would look like. Isn’t it supposed to induce some grand gesture? Aren’t I supposed to feel elated and have butterflies in my stomach? That’s what society has taught me. He’s not supposed to disappoint me, right?

I don’t know exactly what love is supposed to look or feel like but I’m sure the answer doesn't lie in media/societal portrayals. What I do know is that I derive pleasure from making him smile.  What I do know is that our love is comprised of a mutual respect, passionate discussions, and a strong desire to see each other happy (whether we are together or apart).

Love doesn’t look at all like I thought it would... but I am grateful to have it.

Rest Assured, Your Love Is Closer Than You Think... 

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