Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Superficial Love...

He Says: Men are visual creatures...She HAS to look good.

She Says: He has to be at least 5 inches taller than me.

He Says: The sex has to be incredible.

She Says: I'm not dating a man that makes less $$$ than me...


How many times have we heard such proclamations??? With superficial belief systems like this permeating society it's no wonder people have such a hard time building strong, long lasting unions. Our definitions of love are horribly warped. Love is not a selfish ambition or a feeling that fades...but I digress. We often approach dating & relationships in a very self centered way. Seeking out a partner for the sole purpose of getting our needs met. Why does a woman have to be a perpetual glamor girl to attract a man? Why must a man earn a certain amount of money to attract women? Shouldn't a persons character be the most important factor when choosing a mate? I think so! We are doing ourselves a grave disservice by adhering to these limiting superficial criteria.

I read recently that a woman who has more than 10 sex partners is deemed less desirable (suitable for marriage) by men. As I roll my eyes at this ridiculous notion I recognize how superficial love has become. Each one of us is free to choose what characteristics we want in a mate. But please believe the more we focus on nonsense (height, waist size, dollar signs, # of partners, swag, etc.) the more difficult attaining REAL love will become.

Ladies Your Man is Closer Than You Think!!!

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