Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Are You Able To Forgive???

The mere thought of marriage is fascinating and undeniably chilling. We are called upon to form lifetime partnerships which in turn challenge us to be transparent and selfless. A serious undertaking such as this should not be handled lightly. In my contemplation of this union, the concept of letting go comes up quite often. Two people bound by love will have conflict and moments that rival discord. I wonder when those moments come & go, if I will be able to get past the hurt that may linger. Some months ago a man I was dating did something that hurt me to my core. I was going thru one of those harrowing moments in life and needed his support…he didn’t show up. Till this day the memory of him not being there brings up feelings of anger and sadness.

I began thinking of these residual feelings in regards to marriage. There will most likely be moments in my partnership where my spouse will drop the ball. Even in the healthiest of relationships people have moments like this. It is in man’s nature to be flawed and to sometimes work at eradicated those flaws. But I ask myself… “when something similar happens in your marriage how will you respond?” Will I hold on to the feelings of anger, hurt, and disappointment endlessly? When I recall the incident will I become upset with my husband (even if it happened months or years ago)? Will I ever truly be able to forgive the fact that he missed the mark?

I know for certain that in relationships we MUST be able to forgive and let go. Not doing so leads to a load of despair that none of us should have to bear.

As for me and the incident I mentioned, the effects still linger. I will make a conscious effort to forgive my former paramour because the truth is he’s only human (unfortunately) :-).

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Anonymous said...

Oddly I have never been one who struggles with forgiving others BUT forgiving myself is a different ball game. We have and all will drop the ball we are human and imperfect no matter how many of us are a legend in our own mind.

Great post