Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What God Says About Love...

This week I interviewed Miss Allgood, the speaker and host of the radio program Spirituality is Reality on She is a Spiritual Teacher who attests to communicating directly with the spirit of God. This is what the Spirit had to say about LOVE...

 What is Love?

To love you must become love. To become love you must rid yourself of fear. Fear binds you. Love is freedom. People are afraid to love because they are afraid to lose. Fear has to go...All walls have to be taken down. When you put up a wall of fear, you isolate yourself and can't give or receive love. In love one's existence depends on the others existence... yet both are independent beings. (Both dependent & independent) Love has come to mean being pleasured...This is false. Love is communion and a spiritual/mental connection. To have love we must give of ourselves...our power.

What is Relationship?

There must be a spiritual synchronization among men and women. This is a spiritual "meeting of the minds" How does one know he or she is aligned spiritually requires me to explain something that most people do not know. I will do this a concisely as possible.  Those of us that have read the scriptures have heard the term "unequally yoked" however most do not understand what this means. I want to explain how this relates spiritually to the man and woman his partner. First let me start by explaining what a Yoke is... A Yoke is a device that enables typically Oxen or a PAIR of animals to carry or pull heavy loads simultaneously. Thus enabling them to evenly distribute the workload among each other. All healthy relationships must be harmonious or equally balanced. To be unequally Yoked is to be imbalanced spiritually. Meaning that one or the other person  is bearing excessively on  each other. This is what causes the burden and also pain and suffering. Now what exactly is it that is the burden? It is the person himself. Now this can be either person.  What causes spiritual imbalance is a lack of sharing. When there is sharing of one another. (Notice I say One another) there is a mutual sharing of each other. A man and woman share themselves with each other. In order to really grasp this you must understand that the
For those of you who still may not grasp this. Picture a balancing scale. In order for each side of the scale to be in equilibrium both sides must have an equal amount of weight. In spiritual relationships there is no pain or burden because there is BALANCE.
 In love there is NO PAIN. On the contrary. Love actually gives an orgasmic burst of energy and profound strength. It quickens you gives you life force! 
I know this sounds way out the box but it is the truth. No relationship should be causing one to be drained or burdened.  When I spoke of opposites I did not mean this in a trivial or superficial way. I mean your spiritual opposite. If you want to know more about that I can tell you. Women have to get in touch with their spiritual self. They have to get away from the traditional sense of relationship and get back to the purity of just plain old friendship. From what I can see most women do not even truly value this. Out of the best friendships love is born.

Your Love Is Closer Than You Think :-)

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Why You Can't Trust Your FEELINGS...


I was in a very amorous mood. I couldn’t help but think of him and what it would be like to be his woman. “He’s hardworking, responsible, and loyal” I thought to myself. We would make a great combination. Fast forward about 24 hours and here I am pondering how difficult it would be to build a union with this man. “He has too much going on in his life.” “I don’t wanna deal with all his mess”. “It’s probably best if I fall back.”

In the span of 24 hours I went from feeling excited about us to feeling unsure as to whether I should pursue things further. It occurred to me right then that feelings can’t be trusted (not all the time anyway). From moment to moment they can change. We can go from loving someone to hating them in the blink of an eye. This happens to lovers all the time. You see them hugged up and hear them profess their love for one another…a few months later they’re over it. It’s as if love never happened. Feelings are a part of the human experience, we can’t change that (nor should we want to). However, we must be aware of how easily feelings can shift. True love should not dissipate rapidly. Nor should it become hate overnight. People will disappoint and annoy you but even in the midst of all that... love should remain love. I refuse to see love as a feeling and instead look at it as a state of mind. I choose to love, even when my feelings suggest that I shouldn’t.

Feelings can be helpful but they can also be deceptive. Monitor them and don’t let them dictate your life.
Praying That Your Love Is On Its Way...
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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Are You Able To Forgive???

The mere thought of marriage is fascinating and undeniably chilling. We are called upon to form lifetime partnerships which in turn challenge us to be transparent and selfless. A serious undertaking such as this should not be handled lightly. In my contemplation of this union, the concept of letting go comes up quite often. Two people bound by love will have conflict and moments that rival discord. I wonder when those moments come & go, if I will be able to get past the hurt that may linger. Some months ago a man I was dating did something that hurt me to my core. I was going thru one of those harrowing moments in life and needed his support…he didn’t show up. Till this day the memory of him not being there brings up feelings of anger and sadness.

I began thinking of these residual feelings in regards to marriage. There will most likely be moments in my partnership where my spouse will drop the ball. Even in the healthiest of relationships people have moments like this. It is in man’s nature to be flawed and to sometimes work at eradicated those flaws. But I ask myself… “when something similar happens in your marriage how will you respond?” Will I hold on to the feelings of anger, hurt, and disappointment endlessly? When I recall the incident will I become upset with my husband (even if it happened months or years ago)? Will I ever truly be able to forgive the fact that he missed the mark?

I know for certain that in relationships we MUST be able to forgive and let go. Not doing so leads to a load of despair that none of us should have to bear.

As for me and the incident I mentioned, the effects still linger. I will make a conscious effort to forgive my former paramour because the truth is he’s only human (unfortunately) :-).

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Superficial Love...

He Says: Men are visual creatures...She HAS to look good.

She Says: He has to be at least 5 inches taller than me.

He Says: The sex has to be incredible.

She Says: I'm not dating a man that makes less $$$ than me...


How many times have we heard such proclamations??? With superficial belief systems like this permeating society it's no wonder people have such a hard time building strong, long lasting unions. Our definitions of love are horribly warped. Love is not a selfish ambition or a feeling that fades...but I digress. We often approach dating & relationships in a very self centered way. Seeking out a partner for the sole purpose of getting our needs met. Why does a woman have to be a perpetual glamor girl to attract a man? Why must a man earn a certain amount of money to attract women? Shouldn't a persons character be the most important factor when choosing a mate? I think so! We are doing ourselves a grave disservice by adhering to these limiting superficial criteria.

I read recently that a woman who has more than 10 sex partners is deemed less desirable (suitable for marriage) by men. As I roll my eyes at this ridiculous notion I recognize how superficial love has become. Each one of us is free to choose what characteristics we want in a mate. But please believe the more we focus on nonsense (height, waist size, dollar signs, # of partners, swag, etc.) the more difficult attaining REAL love will become.

Ladies Your Man is Closer Than You Think!!!

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