Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Men Want Nice Bodies, Good Food & Great Sex...

Today while browsing the web I came across a video in which a panel of Black men were discussing their views on marriage. Upon hearing statements like "Women know we like tight bodies so they should go to the gym" and "She gotta be able to cook and should give me sex every time I ask" I became annoyed. As they rattled off the "duties" of a wife, I blurted out (with an attitude of course) "What are you gonna do while she is doing all of that?" As soon as I said it I realized this is the problem with most of our relationships. We (men & women) are constantly concerned with what the other person can do for us. There is a tit for tat attitude running rampant in society. These men expect their women's bodies, cooking skills and sex to be on point. While we women have our own exhaustive list of  requirements. In relationships women & men barrage one another with expectations and/ or demands. You need to do this for me. You should be this way to make me happy...

This my friends is not love. Let's stop making demands and focusing solely on what we want. Let us move to  a higher level of love... one where we focus on fostering the well being of the other person. 
I'm just sayin...
Rest Assured Dolls Your Love Is On The Way!
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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Random Thought: Relationship Vs. Partnership

Relationships can be so tentative & fragile. One moment a man & woman are head over heels in love, the next moment they can't stand each other. I have absolutely no interest in being a part of a relationship that can be tossed aside so easily. Many times people enter unions with one thought in mind, having 'their' needs met. For those of you who haven't gotten the memo yet, relationships are not meant to simply meet your needs. They are opportunities to learn, grow, serve and become better human beings. Doesn't sound like much fun when I put it that way, huh???

A relationship should instead be viewed as a partnership. defines partnership as,  

"An association of two or more persons engaged in a business enterprise in which the profits and losses are shared proportionally."

In this case let's just say the "business enterprise" is the relationship itself. When two people view themselves as partners they both accept responsibility for the good, the bad, and the ugly that results from their union. They pursue gains and are serious about finding ways to minimize loss. They are relentless when it comes to their business (relationship) and will do whatever it takes to ensure success.

In today's climate of K.I.M (Keep it Moving) partnerships are in no way common. Yet, I hope very much to be a part of one someday :-)

Dolls, Your Love Is Closer Than You Think...

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Men...We Need You...

Complain all you want about men but one thing we gotta give them credit for is how hard they work. (Disclaimer: please note that I am talking about Men, not boys.)

When a man decides on a career it is the beginning of something quite special. His career becomes his focus. He tends to it like a child, giving it the love, dedication, and care it will need to thrive. He gives it nothing less than his best, putting in extra hours, keeping up with trends, attending trainings etc. A man eats, breathes, and sleeps his work.

It has occurred to me that if men put this much effort into forming & maintaining relationships (with good women) we might see more solid, healthy unions. Perhaps the divorce rate would decline and more children would be raised in two parent households. Women are generally taught to nurture their relationships. We attend conferences, read books, and even exercise our Va Jay Jays just to keep our men happy. Often times men only work on relationships when they are being poked & prodded by their women.

Fellas, we need you… We need you to show up… and when you do show up… we need you to work as hard for our relationships as you do for your jobs.

Your Love is Closer Than You Think...

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