Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The 30+ Sexolution

I’ve noticed a revolution of sorts taking place amongst women of my age group (30+) recently. We are having an increasingly difficult time being the “good girls” that society dictates we should be. Calls for abstinence are being tossed to the wind. Women who were waiting to be intimate with their future husbands have the will to wait no longer. Where the hell are these men; our husbands??? *Shrugs* I have no idea.

However, as one of these women moving into my sexual prime I understand the frustration. I am tired of fighting, stifling, and oppressing this innate desire. This desire was placed in me by my Creator so I will no longer look at it as foreign or wrong. Simply put…Something has got to give. Not only are 30+ women longing for physical intimacy but there is also a focus on developing a REAL connection with a man. FYI, we don’t choose to feel this way in most instances. It is a natural, God given desire placed in us. Call it our biological clocks or whatever you want for that matter. But I am here to tell you that whatever you call it, it is real. If I had my way I would rid myself of these feelings. But since I can’t I will embrace it with both arms.

Ladies, I call on you to embrace this leg of your journey even though it’s frustrating as hell!

And remember your man is on his way!

***Ladies, please feel free to leave a comment sharing whether your sex drive increased after 30 :-)

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Anonymous said...

OMG yes!! I was celibate for over 10 yrs and now its been over 2yrs and here me when I say the week leading up to Aunt Flow OMG I am horny as hell. I noticed it got even worse last yr when I hit 35 I am always in heat it seems LOL I am def. trying to marry vs. burning but I need God to send me my husband cause this is the pitts....Let me also add that all my friends are getting their freak on nobody is trying to live pure and holy but me lol

Anonymous said...

Good points here dear, but everything is about self-control one of the fruits of the spirit.Continue to pray for what you need and desire and the rest will come when you sacrifice. I am 11.5 months, 31, but I would rather preserve myself for my soul mate.