Thursday, May 10, 2012

To My (Future) Husband,

Hey Love,

It sucks that my first note to you is being written under these circumstances. On this night I am angry, angry because I'm unfulfilled. I need your energy, your presence & your depth. I need your strength, your logic & you telling me that everything will be okay.

I need your arms wrapped around my child sized waist while you gaze into my eyes.

I need to breathe you in.

There's no denying it, I need all of you...every ounce of your being.

I need to argue with you & be put in my place. I need you to dominate love my mind, body, and spirit like its never been loved before.

*Deep Sigh*

Each day I go through life attempting to get this right...all the while needing you.

I love you deeply & look forward to your manifestation...

Eternal Kisses,

May 4th

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Anonymous said...

I'm speechless.... Your words are so lovely and precious.

Kellz Korner said...

wheres the LIKE button... lol ..

Dream said...

Thanks so much! That was a hard evening for me.

Daisy said...

I write love notes and thank you notes to my future hubby!