Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Still Believe in Love Because I am Love...

As the one year anniversary of NSPW approaches I am both excited and hesitant. I'm excited because it's not everyday that I get to create something so raw, candid & beautiful. I'm hesitant because I do not know what the future of NSPW holds. For the past couple months it has become increasingly difficult to share my thoughts on love. After months of pouring my heart and soul onto these web pages I've become tired of talking incessantly about what I want from a relationship...of baring my most coveted beliefs and feelings...of talking about a love that still seems to elude me. There's no denying that love is all around me, I'm in love with myself (simply because I'm Poppin), in love with my surroundings & enraptured by the love of others.

I still believe in love because I am love
There's just no getting around it

Every facet of my being is injected with love, it's in my eyes, my smile, and on my lips, it drips from my tongue and is in the movement of my hips. It causes me to dance, laugh, and cry all at once.
Love is me & I am it

I have no clue whats to come of Not-so-Patiently Waiting... but I do know I'll give what I got until I ain't got no more.

God Bless You Luvs

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Real (Marriage) Talk with KeKe & Chubb Rock... "Know Your Worth"

Hip hop legend Chubb Rock & his beautiful multi-talented wife KeKe, share with NSPW followers what it takes to make marriage work. This week KeKe challenges women to "Know your worth & never settle"


Ladies Your Man Is Closer Than You Think!

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I Want To Give Him My Best...

I haven't had much to say about love/relationships lately. Is it because I've lost hope??? Not at all! I still believe that I will be blessed with a healthy & loving union at some point. Yet, at this particular moment in time I have other more pressing matters to attend to. I wouldn't want my amazing man to show up and find me in my current predicament. I mean in all actuality he may already be in my life but.... I really want him to experience the me that has her sh*t together. The healthy, spiritually sound, fulfilled (in my career), cash getting me. 

I want to give him my best because he deserves nothing less than that...

Ladies remain filled with hope because your man is closer than you think!

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