Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What Men Want.... The Interview!

This week it's all about the men... I'm questioning how they view love/relationships and what they're looking for in a woman.

First up is my friend King G... a 33 year old single Black man. I asked and he answered. I hope his answers provide you with a better understanding of how men think.


1) What would you say is the difference between how you think about love/relationships now as opposed to say 10 or even 5 years ago?

I will go with 10 yrs because 5 yrs ago isn't much different. 10 yrs ago I still like felt like relationships were fair and people wanted someone they can share a fair relationship with. Now it feels like relationships are sometimes selfish in that people want someone that fits only a rigid formula of what the media, friends/family says is good. Instead of figuring out what they want. I’m worried that I won’t find someone I can be myself with and I wasn’t worried about that before. I want the female to be herself as well. I also think the toughest thing I see in relationships now is that no one wants to accept peoples bad with their good.

2) At this point in your life what are you looking for when it comes to a relationship?  

I can say I'm looking for someone that's patient with me because my life is so up in the air right now,  but a lot of the things I want haven’t changed. A sexual person with an anytime anyplace mentality. Can cook. Open to new things and experiences.  Don’t try to lock me into a box mentally… meaning if I like certain things this week it doesn’t mean I can’t like something else next week. I'm not wishy washy but I don’t like the feeling that I can’t try new things because the person I'm with thinks I shouldn't. I'm a free spirited libertarian. The list is long but at the end of the day I want someone who is a good person at the core and respects individuality even in a partnership. 

3) Can men be faithful to one woman? Out of all your male friends in relationships how many are actually faithful to their women? Do you think you would have a particularly difficult time being faithful?

Yeah men can be faithful, like some men can go to the moon but it takes effort. For some men it doesn't take much effort while for others it takes a lot. I also feel “faithful” is a loaded word. I assume you like most people mean not being with anyone sexually outside their relationship but for some flirting is cheating. I know some of my friends that seem to behave or speak like they are not "faithful" but I know some guys just talk shit to sound like they are not scared of their women in that sense. But I've never been around any of my friends and saw them cheating. So for me to say they are or aren’t wouldn't be fair. Theirs others that seem not to be but again I wouldn't know if they don’t want anyone to know. I base most of it on personality types. For me I know that I would have to stay out of situations that might tempt me. I went through a time when I felt like anything went, like if a situation comes up I would go with it. That’s because people close to me passed away & I felt like I needed to enjoy life and be more spontaneous because it could be over at any time. But I know that's not something I would do now, especially in my marriage. At this point in life it isn't very difficult because I'm not a guy that chases women but I know that if I'm drinking & I’m put in that type of situation I will be tempted because I'm human.

P.S. Ladies, let me know if there are any other questions you want addressed in the near future...

Special Thanks to King G :-)

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