Monday, March 19, 2012

What Makes Men Want to Settle Down....

I recently asked the men of my Not-so-Patiently Waiting Facebook Page....Guys, what is it about a woman that makes you want to be with JUST her and no one else? What qualities or characteristics does that woman possess?
I loved their answers...

 A little tenderness, check the super hero cape at the door sometimes!
Intelligence, class, MATURITY, secure in herself, ability to submit to me as her man and leader of household, ability to check me, ability to make me better, character, a true lady.

A strong sense of self, her intellect, humility, kindness. Her spirit, ambition and determination, positive vibe. If I can learn to appreciate new things because of her, if she can motivate me to be a better person, a better man, then yeah I just want her and her influence in my life and heart.

There were some great qualities mentioned already. In addition to those, I need a great sense of humor, a mix of intelligence and a little hood, can cook her tail off,open-minded, into watching or playing sports, AND can play some spades bells jingling baby!!!!

I'd like to find myself with a woman who has tenderness reserved just for me. She doesn't do for anyone else what she does for me.

Proverbs 31

 Sweeties Your Man is Closer Thank You Think!
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Anonymous said...

I think men wake up one day and say "I am ready to be/get married" so they marry who they are with or dump whoever they are with and marry the next thing that catches their eye. I have had several of my male friends tell me this. I am not sure men look for all the qualities they listed (not to say their wives don't have good qualities).