Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Men answer the question...Why are so many women single?

I recently asked the men of my Not-so-Patiently Waiting Facebook page..."From your experience, why do you think so many women are single?" The answers were......
I'll let you be the judge :-)

Plenty of men out here,  they gotta learn how to move on. 
Women use up all their positive energy on then they're too tired for the real thing, lol!!

My primary answer is because many women choose to be single.
Sometimes rightfully, sometimes due to a victim complex and sometimes just because they realize they're better off. Sometimes they just can't keep a man because of their mouths and demeanor. And yes, many are discouraged because they've been burned so bad by men.

I think this question can be explained like this. Men as a species are logical, women as a species are emotional. Men are visual, women are sensorial. Men like things to be explained, women expect things to be known. I don't think race has anything to play in it, it is a more primal level. Men and women think, act, talk, love, feel differently yet we both expect the opposite sex to be, think, and act as we would.That is why women and men who are alone are alone. It takes patience, communication, genuine love of yourself, selflessness, ego dropping by both man and woman to be in a happy committed relationship. Above all STRENGTH because there are days that no matter what u just won't get the opposite sex because you are not the opposite sex. Don't over analyze, under communicate, not LISTEN(that means no advice) then expect to be in a happy relationship.

..its also on the other hand woman that give too much ..are too timid, the lack of fire ...some give up on appearance at a early age ...some want what they don't have themselves ..which kills me

Unrealistic expectations, poor attitude, baggage, unkempt in appearance and body, guarded, jaded, did i say poor attitude?

I can do this with my eyes closed... Want too much out of a relationship... I am not your Lord and savior Jesus Christ... we are in this thing TOGETHER... ATTITUDES!! Men who are level headed and have something going for themselves want nothing to do with a stank ass attitude towards the world... Talk too damn much... Over analyze every damn thing... Self centered thinking the world revolves around them... Too bossy, I can't speak for all men but I don't want a second Mother...and this is my last one because I can go all day... Women who have daddy issues think that every man owes them something and lives their life hating men but always want a man in their life because their father wasn't there for them... I don't wanna be your damn father... You need to resolve whatever issues you have with him ....  

Selfishness and lack of submission.

So many women are single because women stab each other in the back for men who don't have honor, morals or compassion. Men don't have to step their game up because we know whatever bullshit one won't put up with there is a single woman out there saying"shit if she don't want him I will take him" hence the dilemma.

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