Friday, February 24, 2012

Quiz: Have You Given Up on Love???

Take this Cosmo Style Quiz to determine if you've given up on love. I will share my results in the comments section...please do the same. Men, change the questions to suit you & participate too.  Let's get started...

1. You meet a relatively attractive dude who wants to get to know you better…
a) You give him your number & look forward to his call
b) You feign interest, take his number & tell him that you’ll call him (knowing that you really won’t)
c) You go for it & ask him to have a cup of coffee with you b4 parting ways

2. Your best friend wants to set you up with a guy she thinks is perfect for you…
a) You force yourself to go because you don’t want her to be upset
b) You’ve been hurt so much in the past year that you can’t even tolerate the idea of a casual date &   
     say no
c) You know your girl won’t steer you wrong, you agree & in your excitement buy a new outfit

3. It’s girls night and one of the homies starts talking about how nice her new beau is…
a) You’re happy for her & you let her know that.
b) You know good men like that don’t exist but you keep your ideas to yourself and smile
c) When she’s done talking you say “better enjoy it while you can, his true colors will show soon    

4. You’re watching a chick flick and you learn that the leading lady has just been cheated on by her leading man…
a) You throw your popcorn at the screen & scream “All men are dogs”
b) You find yourself getting angry and click fast forward
c) It’s just a movie, you know that good men exists so this movie scene means absolutely nothing

5. When approached with the prospect of being in love again…
a) You become giddy & elated
b) You are open to the idea
c) You remember how much you’ve been hurt in the past and become angry/afraid

See Below to Tally Your Score & Read Your Results!

Answer Grid
1: a-1, b-0, c-2
2: a-1, b-0, c-2
3: a-2, b-1, c-0
4: a-0, b-1, c-2
5: a-2, b-1, c-0

The Hopeful Romantic (7-10 points)
You know that even though love can result in disappointment and a broken heart there is always hope. You anticipate the prospect of loving and be loved again. In the words of Martin “You go girl!”

On The Verge of Giving Up...But Not Quite There (4-6 points)
You want to believe in love and all the beauty it has to offer but heartbreak and the examples around you dictate otherwise. You try not to be a pessimist but sometimes you just can’t help it. Get it together of you’ll end up in the next category.

It’s a Wrap (0-3 points)
All the things that happened in your love life have left you rife with hopelessness. How can you believe in love when you’ve experienced all the pain & turmoil it can bring? You can’t, so you don’t. Please do the work necessary to reverse this way of thinking; it will only stop you from having the love you really want. 

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Dream said...

I only scored a 7, not as high as I would've liked. Which puts me in the Hopeful Romantic category. The questions that got me in trouble are #1. I am too shy to ask someone out for coffee upon our first meeting. If he asked that would be different. On #4 I would def find myself getting angry and fast forwarding, I get really passionate about stuff :-) And for #5 I answered "b-open to the idea" because though I am looking forward to love I am also a bit apprehensive about it. I look forward to seeing your scores as well!

Pabvon said...

I got an 8, so we are in the same category. I got 0 points on makes me nervous and afraid. so while the rest as "all good" I clearly still have some things to work on. I'd HATE to push a good man away or not let a good relationship flourish. Thanks Day! Always enlightening!

J. Syence said...

its tuFF for(what I consider a REAL MAN)to answer 4/5 of these questions.. only females have such extreme activities.. we don't really think about y'all when we chillin.. we do guy stuff... lol. I really tried ! I woulda scored a 5 if anything, but
Q1. N/A cuz typically we are calling
Q2. N/A cuz we don't hook each other Up wit chix friends, we can chill see what happens
Q3. N/A like i said we aint thinkin bout y'all
Q4. N/A "chik Flix" .. but if we see a dood actin B*tch for some chix we gon laugh if anything
Q5. Applies to both sexes .. everyone different, but if we like the chik we aint gonna Run, might be more careful not to mess it up.

Daisy said...

@J As a female I couldn't answer most of the questions either maybe that's why I am single lol but please believe some men (yes even REAL ones) get more into their feelings than some women.

Dream said...

Thanks for sharing :-)