Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Random Thought: I'm Officially On A Dating Timeout...

I woke up one day and all the satisfaction was gone. The excitement and enthusiasm I once held was now just a distant memory. I couldn't do it anymore. Dating had become more of a nuisance than a pleasure. It had lost its luster & I no longer looked forward to the process.

Before this revelation I hadn't been on a date in months. However,  I had experienced a string of men coming into my life proclaiming their feelings for me. But it was all for naught you see, because after the confessions there was no follow up. These men wouldn't ask me out, or attempt to spend any "real" time getting to know me. Instead I got a barrage of text messages and occasional sweet words.

Obviously this is not working... Maybe the men expect me to ask them out on dates :-/ Perhaps they expect the relationship to magically develop without any work. Or maybe people just don't spend time getting to know one another anymore, and I'm expecting too much. It could also be that God is simply saying "No". Whatever the reason I've decided to just stop.
I'm officially on a dating timeout! Stay tuned this should be interesting :-)

Ladies no matter what things may look like, remember, your man is closer than you think...

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