Monday, October 31, 2011

Random Thought: Are You Choosing Short-Term or Long Term Men???

Hey Beautiful People!

I've decided that in between longer posts I will share random thoughts that I have during the week.

Today's Random Thought is: Are you choosing Short-Term or Long-Term Men?
So often we rush into relationships without considering the implications of our choices. I believe that if we take time to really get to know a man there will be tell-tell signs as to whether he's in it for the long haul or looking for a short lived love affair.

*Some men are looking for the next thing as opposed to a lifetime thing! I'm a lifetime chick, how about you?

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Kellz Korner said...

you are so right... Im not the short term type chic either. I value commitment and longevity and need someone to match those same values along with some others Of coaurse but maybe the many break up's women go through are because of the guys they are meeting "who just want a Good thing for right now until I can get over my ex"

Dream said...

Hey Kellz!

I think at some point, especially at my age (30's), we have to start taking responsibility for the choices we make. Maybe the many break ups are a result of us women not taking the time needed to really decided if a guy is a good fit for us. Sometimes we get bamboozled, but most often I think we walk right in to nonsense.