Monday, October 17, 2011

Confidently Single Series...

Today marks the beginning of the Confidently Single Series. In order to have the healthy, loving, and committed relationships we want, we must become our best selves. So often females look outside of themselves for causes of relationship deterioration. Yes some men cheat, lie, and are downright dirty. But I truly believe in order to break the cycle you must look within. Hence, the Confidently Single series. This series will provide you with the tools needed to secure the relationship you've always desired.

When a woman is Confidently Single she's:

Baggage Free 

 Self Assured

Emotionally Mature 

Has Minimal Insecurities

Puts Herself First

The bottom line is when a woman is CS she becomes more attractive to men, particularly good men! The first installment will be up in the next few days, please keep an eye out for it. And remember your man is closer than you think!

Please share in the comments section other characteristics you think make a woman confidently single and join the Not-so-Patiently Waiting... Facebook page to continue the discussion


Dream said...
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Dream said...

If you're in the NYC area check out this relationship seminar

Anonymous said...

Excellent! I can't wait!!

Daisy said...

Yet another GREAT post!

Nailaa555 said...

A CS wome is upfront about their situation

Anonymous said...

Hi I love this blog I just started reading from London in the United Kingdom. This blog is so encouraging for me especially because im a 24 year old woman patiently waiting for who God has in store for me as a mate. I agree with so many views you have expressed and believe many women and guys need to come to the revelation that God's plan is the best and when he blesses us with his choice he adds no sorrow.

Sorry for the long essay but keep up the Good work my only criticsm is that you need to blog more often lol like everyday if possible.
Lots of Love from the U.K

Dream said...

Hello & Welcome UK! I am sooooo humbled and appreciative for your post. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for your support. & You are absolutely right that I need to post more often than once a week. Let me see what I can do :-)