Thursday, August 25, 2011

The 10 Commandments of Not-so-Patiently Waiting For His Love....

Not-so-patiently waiting for the man of your dreams can be a daunting task. Therefore, I've developed 10 commandments which will help us navigate this stage of our lives. Enjoy!

1. Believe that the creator wants to bless you with the desires of your heart. i.e. a healthy relationship

2. Put your well being first &do things that bring you joy. Whether or not you have a partner you should be your number one priority.

3. Laugh at Mens' stupidity! If a guy does something incredibly stupid don't take it personally, instead laugh at his ass. For instance, a guy I went on one date with recently invited me to his new place to help him unpack.  I guess that was supposed to be our second date! Ha Ha! Hilarious.

4.Make sure to set standards for yourself.  If not you leave room for whomever your dating to set standards for you.  This includes not standing for disrespect of any kind.  Example: I am celibate and will not let any man pressure me into having sex.

5. Let the man pursue you. Masculine energy enjoys the pursuit of feminine energy. If a guy prefers to be pursued he may have more feminine energy. And if I wanted to be with another woman I'd be a lesbian.

6. Embrace & Enjoy who you are. Spend time appreciating your great qualities and working to improve those that are not so great.

7. Spend time being of service to others. Volunteer with an community service organization like NY Cares or make it a point to support loved ones.

8. Make your requests known to the universe! i.e. Pray

9.Flirt with every single man you meet. It's fun and it builds confidence! (Flirting and pursuing are two different things. Flirt and then keep it moving.)


Ladies, your man is closer than you think.....

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