Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The 3 Keys To A Man's Heart (According To a Man)

Ladies, do you spend too much time trying to figure guys out, Or attempting to understand why they do the things they do?
No fear, In this weeks video blog a man shares with us: how to tell the difference between a man who is giving lip service or one who is genuine, signs that a man is really into you, and advice for navigating the wild world of dating....


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DreamCatcher3606 said...

Hey Ladies,
I later asked my cousin how celibacy would work in conjunction with the three F's. His response was that a man who REALLY wants to be with you and is not in it for your body will wait.

So if you're celibate there's still hope :-)

Anonymous said...

DreamCatcher I enjoyed the video! It was very insightful!