Tuesday, June 21, 2011

He's Just Not That Into You.....

On Sunday I watched the movie He's Just Not That Into You (for the 1st time) and was disgusted by what I saw.  I watched a beautiful young woman desperately pursue men who didn't want her.  I watched another woman enter into a sexual relationship with a married man, because she thought he might be "the one".  And if that wasn't enough, throughout the film these women are encouraged by friends to accept men's dreadful behavior.  No, No, No, Not Feeling it!

When something upsets me so much I always take the time to do some soul searching to discover why.  And the reason is this, I have been that desperate pursuer (Ugh, Can't Believe I'm Admitting to That).  Not only have I been the pursuer but I have also been the friend trying to justify some of the unbelievably stupid things men do!

Thank God for growth because I am neither one of those things now.  I am convinced that if we saw ourselves the way God sees us we would never resort to chasing men or accepting unacceptable behavior.   One of the reasons why healthy relationships are so rare now a days is because the natural order has been tossed aside.  Men no longer have to do the pursuing, which is in their nature to do.  You mess with the natural order of things and you have to deal with the consequences.

As for me, I know that pursuing a man and dealing with atrocious behavior is OUT OF THE QUESTION.  God says He who finds a wife finds a good thing. Prov 18:22  Therefore we do not have to look or pursue!  God also says that woman is the glory of man. 1 Cor 11:7  If we are his glory shouldn't we expect to be treated as such.

I believe what God says and will wait for my man knowing that he is seeking me and that I am his glory.  Instead of trying to reverse the natural order of the universe I will wait patiently and be my glorious, feminine, vulnerable self.

Why don't you join me????? :-)


Ms. Diva said...

I love it! I have been single for 7 years now, 4 years by choice (cause I was focus n school, career, and my responsiblities at home) and 3 years by default (cause I have been pursing love and coming up short time after time) but I will take your advice, sit back and wait for my husband.

Anonymous said...

I have been single for 11 yrs only 5 of those were by choice and I always stuck to the I will NOT approach a man rule (I will flirt/give signs but not asking for your number) anyway about 4mths ago I broke that rule (he was flirting and my gfriend was being a bad influence pushing me to get his number and I wanted him to ask me for mine) anyway I ended up with the number but things recently ended and during our convos I let it be known that I was old skool didn't believe in approaching men etc he said he could tell (there were 2 other women around that could have been his gfriend but that never crossed my mind) but was glad I did or we wouldnt still be talking well once things went south his story changed and he said he was never interested and if he were he would have asked for my number when we met well you know all I could see was RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was not only mad and disappointed at/with him but with myself because I went against what I believed in so yeah I am going back to my daddies advice IF a man is truly interested he will let you know!

DreamCatcher3606 said...

That sucks! But I am sure that there are mature men who would be flattered to be asked for their number and would not rub it in someone's face. Maybe asking for a number is okay if you then go back to letting him pursue you. This black male match maker Paul Brunson suggests that we feel free to ask men out, because it will increase our chances of meeting a quality dude. And I'm thinking it would boost our self esteem. Maybe we can strike some type of balance. Thanks so much for your response!